Thursday, August 18, 2011

an intense week

this is an intense week for us, we're doing a lot of stuff that will come out shortly. We did another video to support the release of the single (here's a frame)

we're also preparing a live video in the next couple of days.
We have some blogs talking about the single and this is AWESOME!!!
FILTER magazine
Pigeons and Planes
On FILTER magazine you can also free download one song of the single, but if you like it you can help us purchasing the entire single from iTunes US or iTunes Italy

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No we're not dreaming!

Here's the premiere of our VIDEO of "You make me nervous" on Filter Magazine...
Go and comment if you like it!!
The image here below is to prove it's real and we're not dreaming...

Much Love

Today is the day

Our single is out today on iTunes.
Click here to download or here if you live in Italy.
Our video will be out soon!
Much love


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Preorder our single!

Hey you, it's only 12 days to the release date of "You make me nervous" and here's an important news, something to spam around!
This is the LINK to preorder our single if you live in italy
and this is the LINK to preorder our single if you live everywhere outside italy.
You can also download the b-side "Desert Town", DO IT NOW! Send it to your friends, tweet and retweet!

Much Love LGATP