Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New single video premiere

yesterday came out our new sick video for our new single Electric Bongos and Popmatters premiered it on its can watch it HERE!. Always from the wonderful director Andrea Zucchini (see some of his works on
In the last post we forgot to tell that the B-side "Icebergs" also features Randy Schrager, the drummer from Scissor Sisters....It was a great pleasure having him and Slam Donahue working with us in the studio on this song. We also can prove it with this video of Randy playing with the human cowbell.
soooo watch our new video on Popmatters and if you like it go and buy it HERE (U.S.) or HERE (IT).

Much Love


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's time for Electric Bongos

we're back and very excited to announce that our next single Electric Bongos is ready and is coming out right now....
It features also a B-side called "Icebergs" with our big friends and great band from Brooklyn Slam Donahue.
here's the preorder link on iTunes if you want to buy in Italy or in the U.S.
A sick video premiere is coming out VERY soon, so stay tuned...

Much love