Sunday, February 12, 2012


Watching online Grammys page buffering and waiting for some delivery chicken sort-of food...that's why we're writing this first post of 2012.
So, dear followers, we finally moved to New York. Our bat-cave is in Brooklyn and from here we'll try to take over the music industry with cannon-balls like this

and this

or this one too

Anyway, after 10 days of rush-hours and hard times looking for a house, some decent furniture, food and remarkable night-outs, we're finally set to go. That's why in this lazy freezing sunday we went to Coney Island, that is pretty much similar to the place where we're born.

Here's the LGATP's Coney Island Sunday Photo Contest:





don't forget to vote! Now let us watch the grammys or tomorrow we won't be able to chat in bars!

p.s. missed Avan Lava show last night. damn musician finances. Avan Lava, if you're reading this, comp us for the next show, ok? appreciate it

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