Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Late Guest at the Empire City

So here we are, at the 11th floor in a Chelsea building in undergoing renovation. It seems like the only thing still working here is our lovely Fireplace Studios, that's where we are at the moment.
First impact: workmen brought us up here with a freight, after we casually met our producer, Caleb, in the street holding those classic boiling coffee cup.
Two drums pattern already done, 4 super salad bowls, no beers yet (there's a whole fridge to fill up by the way, so that next posts will be more interesting maybe).
Jetlag killed our videomaker MotionPiadina, he's not in motion so much lately, so for today here you can get the only rare footage of our first day in studio.
Gabri is sick and the only words he said is "cough cough". Renzo, aka "Rensou", is silent and focused on milking the groove from a freaking 80's Yamaha drum set we chose, you'll see it's awesome. Davide found skelter on his Iphone playing lame games cause he discovered he suffers from vertigos.
Alex is in L.A., enjoying warmer temperatures and palms and his flip flops, fucker.

See ya tomorrow.

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