Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lost and found

Second day here at Fireplace studio, 11th floor at 127, 25th west,Chelsea,Manhattan.
the day began with a weird email: hey it's jimena (our landlord here in East Village), this Greg guy called me saying he got Gabri's wallet."
Greg is in Brooklyn, we're in Chelsea close to the Empire State Building. In the pic, we show you the path we guess Gabri's wallet did to get to Greg's. Save a little prayer for him (Gabri, Greg's fine).
Three days in New York, wonder what could happen in one month...
Anyway, Renzo worked hard today, and you can see his plagues in that other pic, this is what happens when your producer is an american and your drummer is an italian. Cultures clash. And it's not over yet for today. Keep you posted on hand's health tomorrow. By the way, the drums are very groovy until now, we like that.
We met a guy here, helps Caleb in producing, who do some Hip Hop/ Tip Tap, here's the link

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